Viết đoạn văn về lợi ích của máy tính bằng tiếng Anh ngắn (4 Mẫu)

Tiếng Anh

In a rapidly changing technological world, human easily access to global knowledge through Internet. It brings people both advantages and disadvantages. First, it creates a wider environment for building new relationship. It cannot be denied that Internet supplies a wide range of social network and app for people to make more friends. Talking to each other or even seeing their face is popular in modern society and all you have to do is a smartphone connected to wi-fi or 3G. Therefore, the Internet saves our time, health and even money when not having to pay for a call. Second, Internet provides large piece of information and knowledge of all subjects. With a click or some searching, users have different source of document and helpful information. For instance, instead of reading newspaper, it is more comfortable to read and comment online not only news, essay but also books and other kind of writings. They are all uploaded on the Internet, user can download it for several purposes. Third, applying internet into all aspect of life is helpful in modern society. A good example is that instead of going to the office, officer can stay at home and control the work through a laptop. Many group and organization make appointments online and they even do a business by the internet. However, the benefit also comes with drawback. An increasing number of teenagers are addicted to smartphone as well as being online. They do everything on the internet: playing, studying, buying good and even communication. Young adult spend most of their time surfing social network without any positive effect. It leads to an insensitive conscience that they don’t send out pangs of shame or guilt over wrongdoing. Moreover, technology causes laziness. They send message instead of traditional letter, they talk less when facing to face together, they enjoy lying on bed and doing stuff thing. Additionally, the violence through children and social problems are increasing without any control. In my opinion, government should create more policy about using internet and individual must save them from other risk. Although there maintains many good and bad issues, users should weigh up the pros and cons to get the best choice of life.

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